Our projects

Upgrade to Drupal 7

13 Nov 2013, Posted by Pam Whittaker in Our projects, Software technology

We ugraded www.hificollective.co.uk/ from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 which was quite a major job.  There is quite a large difference in the Database table layouts between the two versions plus the large amount of both item details that they sell and Customer details that needed to be transferred between the old and new versions of the database.

Addition of eCommerce to Bathroom site

26 Nov 2010, Posted by Pam Whittaker in Our projects

We have added eCommerce to http://www.barwick-bradford.co.uk.

Barwick-Barick are based in Yorkshire and are Trade distributors for everything for the Bathroom From Baths, Wet-rooms, Basins to Mirrors all over the UK

New Appointments System

17 Oct 2008, Posted by Pam Whittaker in Our projects

New appointments system. Knutsford Software has written an Appointments System in ASP.Net for and also designed by Apollyon of Harford Cheshire. It is currently being used by Finnair. Please contact solutions@apollyon.co.uk if you are interested in having a system

Exciting new Projects just completed

23 Jan 2006, Posted by Pam Whittaker in Our projects

We have recently finished some new projects for some sites that are accessed via the well known Eurocamp and Keycamp sites with more similar projects to follow. The idea was that a customer could go onto the main site, then click through to the pages that we did where they could select the region they are interested in and watch a video about it created by http://www.theinternetvideocompany.com.

We also created an admin system for http://www.theinternetvideocompany.com so that they could see the stats for the videos (e.g. what videos were being played, what time of day and how much of it was watched).